Closing the loop

on sustainable Feed and fertilizer industry
We need to, not be David up against Goliath,
we need to be Goliath.

Our mission

Agroloop introduces industrialized insect farming in the Central European region

The Black Soldier Fly

We utilize the Black Soldier Fly larvae`s ability to transform food industry byproducts into sustainable animal feed protein source. This highly efficient natural process has been beneficial for organic farmers on small scale. Our mission is to integrate mini-livestock in the EU agribusiness.

Industrial Innovation

One of our main focus is to raise awareness to the ecological responsibility that every agricultural stakeholder shares. We offer guidance for our partners in order to increase efficiency and sustainability in their business.

what we do

Upcycle food sidestreams
We process industrial sidestreams from the food industry. Our input contains vegetables, fruits and grains from the food production and agricultural refining. These animal feed quality sidestreams can be converted into richer feed ingredients.
bioconversion by insect farming
The sidestreams that retrieved in the up-cycling process we feed to our mini-livestock. Insects rapidly increase their body mass decomposing any organics. Insect derived nutrients open new horizons in the global agribusiness.
Circular Product supply
We produce feed oil and protein meal by processing the black soldier fly larvae. These are high quality feed ingredients that can be fed with fish, piglets, poultry and as petfood. The castings of the larvae is sold as organic fertilizer.
Create industrial solutions
Insect farming has been realized worldwide with a variety of technological level. Agroloop aims to be a pioneer in implementing the newest innovations in order to create a sustainable future for organic and livestock farming.


We are always eager to collaborate

We are looking for partners from the livestock and organic farming sector. Agroloop`s products will ensure the organic quality of yours. If you are interested in more information or trying our products please contact us. We participate in projects and provide open source data to reassure future clients and investors.

If your business is related to food industry and you produce food waste during your processes, please contact us. We will help you to reintegrate your by-product into a novel process in order to lower your ecological footprint. Claim your business in line with next generation enterprises that put circular economy to work.

The insect livestock farming is in its pioneer era in the European region. We believe that we have to share the knowledge that we gain in order to accelerate growth in this sector. We are in connection with several operators of the insect value network. Research institutes and scientist are among our partners as well as business operatives.

We are looking for companies, private individuals, institutions or media stakeholders to share information about our mission and vision. If you would like to learn more about our venture or think that you could contribute in achieving our goals please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are always eager to start a conversation with you!

The size of the global feed stock industry (€330 billion) must be doubled within the next 30 years. According to latest trend predictions, the European edible insect industry will reach more than €270 million by 2020. In order to participate in this sector we have to develop our processes at scale involving further investments. We have confidence that Agroloop will be a strong stakeholder in this rapidly growing agricultural sector.

We are looking for investors to expand our business on multiply levels. If you are interested please contact us. We will be pleased to start a conversation about investment opportunities within our business.