insects as novel resource

Insects are ancient species on Earth yet western civilizations have not paid attention on them as a natural resource. Insects are cold blooded, resistant and fast growing animals capable of digest and neutralize agents and bacteria that harmful for us. Insects have been part of our diet since the beginning of time and today they are consumed by approximately 2 billion people. There are 1000 species that considered edible. Some of them have suitable characteristics to be able to utilize in the food and feed industry.

The black soldier fly

Agroloop`s products are derived from the black soldier fly larvae. The fly is a common species all around the globe.

Their life cycle starts when the adult fly lays eggs. After hatching the larva has a 2-3 weeks lifespan before transforming into pupa state. During this period they eat organic materials and grow rapidly. They have to accumulate nutrients for their whole life since the adult flies do not eat. Their lifespan is about 7 days and they only drink and reproduce. This means that the developed larva is incredibly nutritious and its growth is highly optimized by nature.

At Agroloop we think that there is a huge potential in this natural process and sustainable products based on this novel resource must be introduced into the global market.


The production of insect derived feed products has several advantages compared to its competitors such as soy- and fish-meal.
Insect production is an indoor process therefore it does not depend on weather conditions. The land intensity compared to soybean production is 1100 times less. The rearing process is stable and the prices are not dependent on the commodity market`s trading factors. The whole operation is scalable and processes can be automatized.
The environmental impact of regular feed production has increased market prices to an unsustainable level. Insect derived nutrients ecological footprint and their production costs are significantly lower than any other competitive product`s.

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