Agroloop secures funding to launch 1st commercial scale plant in the CEE region

Agroloop Hungary Kft. is expanding its black soldier fly larvae breeding and processing activities near Budapest with an investment of 18 million euros. The resulting premium quality feed protein and oil provide excellent ingredients for pet and livestock feed.

This significant investment promotes the company’s production capacity expansion and technological development, enabling Agroloop to contribute even more intensively to the development of circular biomass-based domestic economy.

Agroloop’s black soldier fly breeding activity is an innovative solution to reduce the environmental impact of animal feed production. The company uses by-products from local food processing companies. to feed the larvae, which can convert low-value biomass into high-quality feed protein and oil very efficiently. The process has a significantly smaller ecological footprint than traditional animal feed production.

“We believe that Agroloop’s expansion and the investment secured mark a crucial milestone in our journey towards a more sustainable future. By combining our dedication to environmental responsibility with the support of our capital-strong investors, we are confident that we can make a significant impact on the agricultural industry. Through innovative technologies and a circular economy approach, we strive to create a more efficient and eco-friendly animal feed production system. This investment not only reinforces our commitment to sustainability but also strengthens our resolve to drive positive change in the CEE region and beyond.” – István Nagy and Rajmond Percze, co-founders of Agroloop.

Agroloop will use the new investment to expand its activities in the Aerozone Park in Üllő. The company plans to significantly increase its production output in the coming years. The goal is to have a breeding capacity of up to 1,200 tons of larvae per month in a short period.

Agroloop’s investors include venture capital firms and strategic partners who share the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. According to their strategy, Eprolius Hungary Zrt. and Gran Private Equity, are committed to accelerate the Hungarian venture capital scene focusing on sustainable and innovative technologies.

With the acquired capital injection, Agroloop is ready to become one of the leading players in the sustainable animal feed market, helping to utilize food industry by-products and promoting a more sustainable value chain in industrial-scale animal husbandry.

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