Environmentally friendly feed production in the Aerozone industrial park

Agroloop Hungary Kft. was established to provide innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to the sustainability problems of agriculture.

The company produces premium quality nutrients for plants and animals through larvae breeding and processing. This activity is carried out in a closed and controlled high-tech production facility along the M0 motorway. There are numerous such companies in Western Europe which have been operating smoothly for many years.

Sustainable feed raw materials

These innovative larvae breeding businesses will be of strategic importance all around the world in the near future. The spread of environmentally friendly investments is a major economic interest for the whole country. Sustainable raw materials for feed produced from larvae can replace imported products, which are often polluting. These farms will promote the expansion and operation of organic farms by providing not only feed but also an alternative soil improvement product to the fertiliser produced by the chemical industry. The application of a circular approach on an industrial scale is both essential and inevitable for the sustainability of a modern society in the 21st century.

In this spirit, Agroloop is building its production plant in the Aerozone industrial park, following the Dutch and French models. The production hall is at 70% completion and the developer will start installing the state-of-the-art, fully automated, closed technology within a few months.

The plant will have no impact on the environment other than job creation and positive economic benefits such as local business tax. The investment will be prepared and implemented in full compliance with current legislation and environmental standards, and will be subject to continuous monitoring by several authorities.

Agroloop Ltd. is in constant consultation with the representatives of the local government, as it is of high priority for the company to operate transparently in the community and to share knowledge on innovation.

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